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Aaron Latham

Certified Property Inspector

Aaron Latham is the owner and inspector of Sunrise Inspection Inc. Whether you’re looking to invest in a commercial property or you’re trying to buy a home, the experience is often full of twists and turns—and the stress can make it even more difficult. A good property inspector can help things progress a little more smoothly. Aaron always listens intently to his clients’ needs, taking the time to learn about what they’re looking for and what they’re trying to avoid. This way, Aaron can take extra care to make sure that every need is addressed, and every question answered so that your inspection experience is reliable and 100% worthwhile.


It Just Makes Sense

Property Inspections have become Aaron’s passion, but his journey started many years ago when he first received a master’s degree in architecture from Tuskegee Institute. After completing his education, Aaron went on to work for over 30 years in the construction industry—and from there, a subsequent career as a property inspector just made sense. The details are critical in every facet of a building project, and because of Aaron’s educational and professional background, his diligent attention to detail has become second nature. This is a crucial reason why Aaron is so successful at fulfilling his clients’ expectations when he inspects a property—but his ability to communicate is perhaps the most crucial reason of all. Sometimes, when negative aspects of a building’s condition are revealed, it can be disconcerting for clients. But Aaron stays calm and rational no matter what, communicating honestly and openly without ever exaggerating or downplaying the significance of an issue.

When he’s not inspecting a property, Aaron loves to spend time together with his wife, whether it’s going out to dinner and a movie or relaxing at home. He enjoys going out in nature as much as possible, especially when it involves fishing. Aaron remains passionate about architecture and likes to design unique and practical homes in his free time. Aaron also volunteers in his community and to help out the less fortunate.

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Investment in real estate isn’t an easy decision to make—which is why our property inspections lay it all on the table, revealing comprehensive information about a property’s condition so that you can negotiate and invest with confidence. Contact us today to request an inspection.


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Inspector Aaron Latham
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